Hiatus on hiatus

Here it is: the post after a years-long hiatus explaining that the author hopes to revive the blog. You’ve seen this before; you know how often it works. For good luck, I made a real post before this one.

I had a good first month the first time around, then slowed down and stopped over the next six months or so. Other projects became more important. I also stopped tweeting.

I did, however, keep lower-effort posting on my tumblr: here’s a guide to my tags. My most-read post there, and as far as I know the only one that got shared outside of tumblr, is this exegesis of Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters. Elsewhere, I wrote a handful of articles on effective music practice. There are also a couple other pieces from my LessWrong pastiche phase that were pretty well received, and which I never reposted here, on therapy as a reference class for rationality training and in that light a self-experiment in training noticing confusion.

For the most part, I’ll be posting short pieces and links. Maybe some longer things that I wouldn’t say without the protective irony my tumblr lacks. And I’ll fill in the gaps by polishing up material from tumblr that might be of interest to people who don’t want to follow me there, or that ought to be easier to browse and search for.

My main goal in bringing this back is to increase my internet surface area. Who knows what value my writing has, but if more people have a chance to see it, I’ll have more chances to talk to like-minded people beyond those few that have condensed into my corner of tumblr. In case that’s not clear enough:

If you read my stuff and find it interesting, I want to talk to you. Leave a comment! Say hi!

Not only is that genuinely what I want out of this, but it’s a great way for you to motivate me to post more.

Right now, the best way to get in touch with me is still through Tumblr. There’s also an email link above this post, but you might want to ping me elsewhere (e.g. tumblr anon ask) to prompt me to check that inbox, since it hasn’t seen human activity since 2014.

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